Some new additions, and a question.

First off, I want to thank all of you who have visited the store and purchased some of our one-of-a-kind items! The success of the store so far has far outpaced our expectations. Every penny that is spent in the store helps us maintain our fleet and helps us in our mission to preserve the maritime heritage of the Seattle area, and to educate people about the working waterfront Seattle once had.

We have added a few items, so I encourage you to look through the collections, but I wanted to point one out in particular, and that is the personal guided tour. Since we cannot have the ships open to the public at large right now, due to concerns over COVID, our chief engineer has agreed to host personalized guided tours of the fleet. He will take you and up to 3 others through any and every compartment and deck on all three of our ships that you are interested in seeing. To top it off, we'll even let you scare the geese out of South Lake Union Park with Arthur's legendary horn!

Finally, a request:

What items would you be interested in seeing offered? We have some ideas (like stainless steel travel mugs) but we'd really like to get your input. Please send an email to with any suggestions.

Thank you!

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